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  • Air date: 9/29/2013
  • Summary: Emerging from her grief, Mary starts to take an interest in the running of the estate, but is met with resistance from Robert. As Molesley’s fortunes worsen, Bates hatches a plan to help him. Out for a bit of fun, Rose gets into a sticky situation at a tea dance in York. Mrs Hughes urges Carson to let an old wound heal.

How Does Lady Rose Manage To Start A Fist-Fight At A Tea Party?

Watch ”Downton Abbey” season 4 episode 2 online, the famous historical drama series has started broadcasting to UK viewers from ITV on Sunday, September 29. US viewers will have to wait 6 months for PBS to broadcast the show even though Jim Carter who plays Carson is currently visiting Michelle Obama in the US. The upcoming episode could theoretically be watched by US viewers using certain methods like the Apple iPlayer Automator that are described in various blogs throughout the internet however we don’t recommend either of the methods described by Matt Asay at RedWrite and Laura Stampler as they are illegal. Of course that isn’t likely to stop many US viewers who are annoyed that they can’t watch “Downton Abbey” for 6 months even if they’re willing to pay for it.

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“Downton Abbey” season 4 episode 2 will pick up from where episode 1 left off. Lady Mary is just starting to come out of her grief for Matthew. She has stopped wearing her mourning clothes and now wants to take on the running of the estate, since she manages it for her son until he comes of age. It is hard to believe that a lawyer like Matthew would not have left a will, particularly since he had seen all the trouble the entail caused when it came to Lady Mary. It’s a plot device but clearly a very shaky one. Nevertheless it sets up a conflict between Lady Mary and Branson who will want to push forward with Matthew’s reforms against Lord Grantham who tends to resist change.

“Downton Abbey” season 4 episode 2 will also have to find a new job for Molesley, who is basically out of work since Matthew died. It seems strange and somewhat heartless that Lord Grantham isn’t willing to hire him, particularly since the death of Matthew came so unexpectedly. Perhaps he has been otherwise concerned with things like the death duties, but it seems out of character for him to ignore the needs of one of his servants, particularly seeing as how he went out of his way to protect Thomas. “Downton Abbey” season 4 is also setting itself up for conflict involving Edna who was interested in Tom Branson in the previous season and was dismissed from service, though she received a good reference due to his persuasion. Now her return may see Tom and Edna rekindle their relationship or perhaps not given that Carson and Mrs. Hughes will be watchful for that.

“Downton Abbey” season 4 episode 2 will also feature some rebellion from Lady Rose. According to the online promo found on YouTube (see below), she continues to cause trouble, somehow managing to start a fist fight at a tea party. There’s also some talk about the police coming and her getting arrested. Lady Rose is the younger member of the household, aside from the babies of course, so we can expect to see her be more responsive to the social changes occurring to the post-war Roaring Twenties. Lady Edith is also another character that has been involved in those social changes and her involvement with a married man will be sure to stir some scandal among the more conservative minded members of the Crawley family (the Dowager Countess for one). On the other hand both the Dowager Countess and Lord Grantham were accepting of Lady Mary’s affair with Kemal Pamuk, so perhaps these are more liberal times.

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